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Ang Sayop nga Kaso sa Kamatayon Gisang-at Na Alang sa Astroworld Music Festival Tragedy

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Texas attorneys Steve Hastings and Henry Blackmon of the Hastings Law Firm filed a lawsuit Monday against rapper Travis Scott, Cactus Jack Records, Scoremore, and the purported operators of NRG Park in connection with the tragedies at the Astroworld music festival that left eight people dead and numerous others seriously injured.

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The case is filed on behalf of Maria Pena in Harris County, Texas. Following the Friday night event, she lost her 23 year old son, Rudy Pena.

The lawsuit alleges that early during the event concertgoers breached perimeter barriers to enter the venue and later crowds rushed the stage while Travis Scott performed.  The allegations further indicate the overcrowding left attendees gasping for air with some losing consciousness.  Despite these events unfolding and while emergency vehicles attempted to reach those in distress, the show went on. 

The lawsuit asserts numerous issues amount to negligence and gross negligence of the Defendants and seeks more than $1,000,000.00 in damages.

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